Service and product provider (SPP)

SPP Social Media Toolkit

SPPs can use this social media toolkit to share their accomplishments. This 2-page toolkit includes sample messaging that can be used to spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

You can also download the following social media graphics:

Data Request Workbook

This Excel-based workbook can be used to request benchmarking data from your utility. It includes instructions, background information, property information tabs to be completed by the SPP, and an aggregate data template for the utility to fill in.

Sample email template to request aggregate, whole-building energy data from utility

Uploading accurate and complete energy data to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager is an integral component of the benchmarking process. To help achieve this, ENERGY STAR has developed a series of resources to help Service and Product Providers (SPPs) and their clients navigate the process for requesting whole-building consumption data from a utility. If your utility does not have an existing process for providing aggregate, whole-building data for benchmarking, use the sample email text in the provided Word document to prepare your request. 

How to Use Web Services: Connection and Sharing Guidance for Providers

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Many utilities and third-party service providers exchange data directly with their customers’ Portfolio Manager accounts via web services. In order to exchange data in Portfolio Manager, users must set up a connection with a web services provider account and then share their properties and/or meters with this account. This 8-page document outlines how to set up this connection, and share access to properties and meters.

Toolkit for Promoting ENERGY STAR Treasure Hunts for Utilities and SPPs

Help your customers discover the energy savings hidden in their buildings and facilities. Hundreds of organizations have used energy treasure hunts to reduce their facilities’ energy use by up to 15 percent.

With this track record, EPA launched a Treasure Hunt campaign to motivate and recognize organizations that host their own treasure hunts and share a summary of their findings.

We need your help to spread the word – and your treasure-finding expertise to help your customers find energy gold.

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