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About Product Finder

ENERGY STAR's Product Finder provides consumers with access to energy efficiency information in 40 categories of ENERGY STAR products. Consumers can compare product brands using energy efficiency data in order to make purchasing decisions. The tool also offers advanced features to support the more complex data analysis required by partners and third parties. Users are still able to access Excel-based lists.

EPA lists only one ENERGY STAR model per brand certification. For models that have more than one model number or name associated with the certification, this information is listed in the additional model information column in each dataset. These additional models are fully searchable in the product finder tools. However when analyzing data sets via the Excel download option or Advanced View links, you will need to search in both the model number column and additional model information column. EPA has created a VBA/macro to search for model information in both columns to determine whether or not a model is listed. This macro function LINK is available in the resources section for the light bulbs data set and may be applied to other data sets.

Key Features

Filter, Compare and Share Product Information

The Product Finder tool has a user-friendly interface to help you refine, filter and sort through large data sets of energy efficiency product information. Once you've narrowed your results, you can compare up to four products based on key criteria such as energy efficiency and technical specifications

Advanced View: Access to ENERGY STAR's OpenData Cloud

The ENERGY STAR Certified Products Data Catalog provides open access to product data to support the varied needs of ENERGY STAR partners, government agencies, application developers and media outlets. This powerful interface allows users to generate a variety of reports based on real-time data, to create accounts to save and share their work, and to export and embed the data they have designed in exciting ways that support their goals and missions.

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