Rule Your Attic! Toolkit

Download and use the following materials to participate in EPA’s annual Rule Your Attic! consumer outreach promotion. These materials can be used to understand the program and educate homeowners about measuring attic insulation levels and the many benefits of improving their attic’s energy efficiency through sealing and insulation.

Campaign Essentials

Overview and Messaging
Check out the Learn how to Rule Your Attic Overview to learn more on how to team up with ENERGY STAR for this year's Rule Your Attic consumer outreach promotion.

Promotion Identifier
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Campaign Graphics

Graphics Gallery
Check out the Rule Your Attic! Graphics Gallery to view and download shareable GIFs and images. 

Video Series
Share these short, entertaining how-to-videos on your website and social media. The Rule Your Attic playlist on YouTube includes 10 videos ranging from 30 – 90 seconds and include versions with or without narration.

Select from the variety of Web buttons/Widgets that can be easily uploaded to your site to promote your ENERGY STAR partnership. 

Additional Resources

Seal and Insulate with ENERGY STAR Resources
Seal and Insulate DIY Guide (PDF, 12.7 MB)
Spanish DIY Guide (PDF, 761 KB)
Seal and Insulate landing page
Seal and Insulate Flyer (PDF, 1.2 MB)
DOE Air Sealing Guide for Contractors to Share with Homeowners (PDF, 5 KB)
DIY Attic Insulation Guide (PDF, 393 KB)

Health & Safety Information:
Air Sealing Health and Safety (found under ‘Tools, materials and safety’)
Vermiculite Guidance
Spray-foam Guidance
Indoor Air Quality in Homes

Rule Your Attic! Graphics Gallery

  • How to Measure Attic Insulation
    How to Measure Attic Insulation
  • How to Air Seal Attic Electrical Boxes
    How to Air Seal Attic Electrical Boxes
  • Properly installed insulation for summer and winter
    Summer and Winter Insulation
  • Does your Attic Insulation Measure Up?
    Attic Insulation levels
  • Leaky Ducts vs. Properly Sealed Ducts
    Duct Sealing Animated Graphic
  • Insufficient insulation vs Recommended insulation level
    Attic Insulation Animated Graphic

More health and safety information can be found on the Seal & Insulate with ENERGY STAR page.

These materials can be used to promote proper attic air sealing and insulation throughout the year.

For questions on how to use these assets or more information on the consumer promotion, please email