Rule Your Attic! For Comfort and Savings

Rule Your Attic

Why is it important to Rule Your Attic?

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Save Energy and Money

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Improve Home Comfort

Savings and Comfort

A well-sealed and insulated attic can make a real difference in your energy bills and how comfortable your home is.  Considering how high energy bills are these days, now is a great time to improve your home with a cost-effective project like sealing and insulating your attic.  EPA estimates that homeowners can save an average of 15% on heating and cooling costs (or an average of 11% on total energy costs) by air sealing their homes and adding insulation in attics, floors over crawl spaces and basements.

Learn How to Rule Your Attic!

Check out ENERGY STAR’s “Rule Your Attic!” Video Series and learn how to determine if you need more insulation, what types of insulation you can choose from, and how to install it yourself or get tips on hiring a contractor.

Rule Your Attic! for a Clean Energy Future as Part of an ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade

Making sure your attic is well-sealed and properly insulated is one of the most important things you can do as part of an ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade to help you make your energy choices count for a clean energy future with information on how to measure your levels, choose the right insulation type and hire an insulation contractor.