Sealing the Attic Hatch or Door

Finish up by sealing the access hatch with self-sticking weather stripping. If your hatch rests directly on the moldings, add 2-1/2 inch wide stops around the opening. The stops provide a wider surface for attaching the weatherstrip and a space to mount hook-and-eye fasteners. Position the screw eyes so the weatherstrip is slightly compressed when the hooks are latched. Cut a piece of fiberglass or rigid foam board insulation the same size as the attic hatch and nail or glue it to the back of the hatch.

If you have pull-down attic stairs or an attic door, these should be sealed in a similar manner: weatherstrip the edges and put a piece of rigid foam board insulation on the back of the door. Treat the attic door like a door to the outside. Pre-made insulated attic stair covers are also available from local home improvement centers or on the Web.

For additional details and images, download the Seal and Insulate DIY Guide (PDF, 12.8 MB).

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