woman helping a child put money in a piggy bankSaving energy means saving money—as much as 20% of your utility bill, and possibly more, depending on your home improvements.  And it also means protecting your greatest asset, your home. 

By participating in Home Performance with ENERGY STAR, you are choosing a whole-house approach to home improvement that will uncover more energy-saving opportunities than any other process.  With your contractor, prioritize the recommended improvements based on energy savings and comfort, and start there. 

How much and how quickly you save is up to you. Make recommended improvements all at once or in phases, as your budget permits. Reinvest your energy savings in the next home improvement project on the list to continue to boost your home’s efficiency and comfort. And when it’s time to sell, energy efficiency will make your home attractive to buyers.

Also, many states and local utilities offer incentives to homeowners who complete energy efficiency improvements. Please check with your local Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.

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