How ESVI Works

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Locate a Program

See if a program is offered in your area.

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Design Your System

Your contractor will help you select a system that’s right for your home.

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Installation & Verification

Your contractor will install your new system and the local program Sponsor will verify the work.

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Receive Verification Certificate

After a third-party verifies the installation, you will receive a certificate of verification.

With ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installation you know that:

Equipment is properly designed and sized

Oversized equipment may cycle too frequently, resulting in less comfort and shortened equipment life. Your contractor will determine the right size of your equipment to optimize your system’s performance.

Ducts are evaluated and improved

Leaky ducts waste energy dollars. They can also reduce airflow resulting in reduced comfort. Your contractor will inspect the duct system, test for leakage, and make necessary repairs to meet or exceed performance standards.

Airflow is optimized

Poor airflow can mean reduced efficiency, higher utility bills, overly damp air, reduced comfort, and shortened equipment life. Your contractor will adjust your system’s airflow to meet the manufacturer’s performance specifications.

Proper amount of refrigerant is installed

Properly charging an air conditioner or heat pump helps reduce energy consumption and decreases the risk of system failure. Your contractor will test and adjust the refrigerant charge for optimal comfort and efficiency.

Installation is third-party verified

With the completion of these important steps, your new system will be ready to perform as promised, every ESVI goes through a quality assured verification procedure to ensure key performance metrics have been met. Once complete, you’ll receive a certificate of verification.

It all adds up to better quality, better comfort, and better performance along with added peace of mind that you’re saving energy and helping prevent greenhouse gas emissions with EPA’s ENERGY STAR program.

Find a Local Program

Only contractors participating in an EPA-recognized, locally-sponsored program can offer ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installation.

See if a program is offered in your area.

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