Benefits of ESVI for Training Organizations

The HVAC industry faces a number of workforce development challenges:

  • More complex and varied heating and cooling equipment is entering the market
  • Homes are higher performing, but they need proper ventilation and they need to have their HVAC systems appropriately sized
  • New diagnostic tests and tools are being developed, but there is limited knowledge about how to perform these tests
  • New certifications are being developed, but workers need to have the skills, knowledge and abilities to become certified
  • New verification systems are being introduced that help technicians fine tune key installation performance metrics

Training organizations play a critical role in improving contractor capabilities and raising the bar for the entire industry.

The ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installation Program relies upon a competent workforce of HVAC technicians, 3rd-party Verifiers, and other skilled workers whose installations are successfully verified to ensure maximum system performance. While EPA provides limited technical and training resources for HVAC contractors and home energy professionals participating in the ESVI Program, the ESVI Program’s success will rely on the HVAC training industry to continue to raise the bar for the knowledge, skills and abilities of HVAC professionals.

HVAC training organizations can learn more on the ESVI program requirement page or by contacting a locally sponsored ESVI program to learn about specific credentialing requirements and training needs.

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