Benefits ESVI for Equipment Manufacturers

HVAC manufacturers make significant investments to design, manufacture, and promote highly efficient heating and cooling equipment. However, when that equipment is not designed or installed to meet the comfort needs of the homeowner, manufacturers face a number of risks to their brand and their bottom line.

HVAC manufacturers can benefit from the ESVI program in a number of ways. When equipment has been installed by contractors who participate in an ESVI sponsored program, the manufacturers can benefit from:

  • Reduced warranty claims and equipment returns
  • Strengthened market position
  • Improved connection with their dealers
  • Assisting their dealers to expand into whole house solutions
  • Create premium warranty product as failure risks are greatly reduced via an ESVI

HVAC manufacturers can learn more on the ESVI program requirement page or by contacting a locally sponsored ESVI program to learn about how HVAC systems are verified to earn the ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installation Certificate.

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