Benefits of Participation for HVAC Contractors

The ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installation (“ESVI”) program offers your HVAC company a unique opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition. HVAC contractors participating in an EPA recognized  ESVI program can:

  • Offer customers an ESVI Certificate that gives homeowners the peace of mind that their new HVAC system has been verified to meet quality installation standards
  • Benefit from ENERGY STAR marketing resources and technical resources
  • Add third party credibility to every job
  • Increase customer comfort and satisfaction
  • Lower customer calls backs and complaints

Participating HVAC contractors will gain access to a number of exclusive ENERGY STAR marketing and technical resources through your own My ENERGY STAR Account (“MESA”). Resources include:

  • ENERGY STAR logos
  • "Ask About ESVI" logo
  • Co-brandable sales and marketing collateral
  • ENERGY STAR technical training and resources

How to Join

Contractors interested in the ESVI Program should begin by confirming that their business operates in the service territory of an ESVI Sponsor Partner (typically a local utility). Please click here for a list of active ESVI Sponsors. Once a contractor has enrolled in an EPA-recognized locally sponsored program, contractors must sign an Online Logo Use Agreement with EPA. EPA will review applications within 3 business days to confirm the contractor’s enrollment in EPA-recognized ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installation Program.

Questions about how to join the ESVI Program? Please contact