ENERGY STAR Marketing Materials for Products

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Room AC Web Buttons and Widgets

Last Updated: 02-01-2021

Select from the variety of Web buttons/widgets that can be easily uploaded to your site to promote your ENERGY STAR partnership and that allow you to easily link back to ENERGY STAR's Room Air Conditioning web page.

Category/Product Type: Heating & Cooling, Room Air Conditioner
Resource Type: Digital Media Kit, Graphics/Images, Widgets
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Smart Thermostat Factsheet - Spring

Last Updated: 02-11-2021

Category/Product Type: Heating & Cooling, Smart Thermostats
Promotion/Campaign: Cooling
Resource Type: Messaging, Widgets
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Smart Thermostat Widgets

Last Updated: 01-27-2021

Category/Product Type: Heating & Cooling
Resource Type: Widgets