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Appliance Program Guide for Energy Efficiency Program Sponsors

Last Updated: 12-07-2016

This guide informs program administrators about opportunities to help customers save money and reduce energy use with ENERGY STAR certified appliances and through the retirement and recycling of old, inefficient equipment. Common practices for program design and implementation are shared based on the experience of recent programs around the nation.

Category/Product Type: Appliances
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ENERGY STAR Holiday Identifier

Last Updated: 11-05-2019

The best gifts do great things.

Resource Type: Graphics/Images

Flip Your Fridge

Last Updated: 01-27-2021

Category/Product Type: Appliances, Freezers, Refrigerators

Laundry Made Better Widgets

Last Updated: 01-27-2021

Web Buttons/Widgets: Select from the variety of Web buttons/widgets that can be easily uploaded to your site to promote your ENERGY STAR partnership and that allow you to easily link back to

Category/Product Type: Appliances, Clothes Dryers, Clothes Washers
Resource Type: Graphics/Images, Widgets