Residential Water Heaters Specification Version 2.0

Final Version 2.0 ENERGY STAR Specification for Residential Water Heaters

The Version 2.0 ENERGY STAR specification for Residential Water Heaters has been finalized and will take effect July 1, 2013. Manufacturers may elect to have their Certification Body (CB) certify their eligible products to the Version 2.0 requirements from now on. The program requirements, including the specification, and additional information are available through the links below.

Draft 3 Full Comment Matrix
ENERGY STAR Residential Water Heaters Final Draft Version 2.0
Draft 3 Hybrid Comment Matrix
ENERGY STAR Water Heaters V2.0 Draft 3 Updated Proposal
ENERGY STAR Draft 3 Version 2.0 Stakeholder Comments
ACEEE Comments (PDF, 99 KB)
AHRI Comments (PDF, 141 KB)
AO Smith Comments (PDF, 46 KB)
Bradford White Comments (PDF, 117 KB)
CEE Comments (PDF, 165 KB)
GE Comments (PDF, 382 KB)
IAPMO Comments (PDF, 107 KB)
NRDC Comments (PDF, 32 KB)
Rheem Comments (PDF, 124 KB)
Draft 3 Webinar Slides
ENERGY STAR Water Heaters Draft 3 Version 2.0
ENERGY STAR Draft 2 Version 2.0 Stakeholder Comments
A.O. Smith Comments (PDF, 45 KB)
ACEEE Comments (PDF, 56 KB)
AHRI Comments (PDF, 210 KB)
CEEETWH Comments (PDF, 112 KB)
GE Comments (PDF, 848 KB)
NEEA Comments (PDF, 557 KB)
NEEA Comments 2 (PDF, 348 KB)
NRDC Comments (PDF, 68 KB)
Rheem Comments (PDF, 128 KB)
SEIA Comments (PDF, 730 KB)
Draft 1 Comment Matrix
Draft 2 Partner Meeting Webinar Slides
Draft 2 Version 2.0 Water Heater Specification
ENERGY STAR Draft 1 Version 2.0 Stakeholder Comments
ACEEE Comments (PDF, 97 KB)
ACEEE Comments 2 (PDF, 35 KB)
AGA Comments (PDF, 96 KB)
AHI Comments (PDF, 274 KB)
AHRI Comments (PDF, 79 KB)
AO Smith Comments (PDF, 76 KB)
CALSEIA Comments (PDF, 812 KB)
CEE Comments (PDF, 87 KB)
CEEETWH Comments (PDF, 90 KB)
NEEA Comments (PDF, 637 KB)
NEEA Comments 2 (PDF, 1.1 MB)
NEEP Comments (PDF, 80 KB)
Rheem Comments (PDF, 132 KB)
SEISCO Comments (PDF, 80 KB)
USH2O Comments (PDF, 895 KB)
ENERGY STAR Draft 1 Version 2.0 Webinar Slides
Water Heaters Framework Document Webinar Comment Responses
Draft 1 Version 2.0 Water Heater Specification
Water Heaters Framework Document Webinar Stakeholder Comments
ACEEE Comments (PDF, 138 KB)
AHRI Comments (PDF, 746 KB)
AOSmith Comments (PDF, 52 KB)
GE Comments (PDF, 491 KB)
NEEA Comments (PDF, 1.9 MB)
NEEA Comments 2 (PDF, 978 KB)
Nyle Systems Comments (PDF, 128 KB)
Rheem Comments (PDF, 199 KB)
SEISCO Comments (PDF, 1.0 MB)
Framework Document Webinar

EPA hosted a webinar to discuss topics that will be addressed during the specification revision and to solicit comments on the discussion topics outlined in the Framework Document.

Announcement and Specification Framework

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is pleased to announce the revision of the ENERGY STAR Residential Water Heater product specification. EPA welcomes written comment on the issues presented in the framework document through Friday, June 24th, 2011. Please send all comments and supporting information to with the subject line: "ENERGY STAR Water Heaters Specification Framework." Comment letters received will be posted to this page except for those marked "Do Not Post."

EPA will also hold an online stakeholder meeting on Wednesday, June 22, 2011 at 2 PM. Please RSVP to by Tuesday, June 21, 2011, to receive call-in information.


More information about ENERGY STAR past efforts with water heaters.