Luminaires Specification Version 2.2

The ENERGY STAR Luminaires Specification Version 2.2 was finalized on August 15, 2019. Current certifications will not be affected by these changes. Materials related to the revision process are provided below. Partners and other interested parties with questions regarding these materials may contact Taylor Jantz-Sell (EPA) at or

Luminaires V2.2 Final Specification - August 15, 2019
Luminaires V2.2 Draft Comments
BACL Comments (PDF, 814 KB)
Intertek Comments (PDF, 80 KB)
Signify Comments (PDF, 432 KB)
Luminaires V2.2 Draft - July 22, 2019
Luminaires V2.1 Final Specification - March 15, 2018
Luminaires V2.1 Draft Comments
Acuity Brands Comments (PDF, 28 KB)
Anbotek Comments (PDF, 210 KB)
LEDVANCE Comments (PDF, 89 KB)
Lutron Comments (PDF, 157 KB)
Philips Comments (PDF, 426 KB)
Luminaires V2.1 Draft – January 29, 2018
ENERGY STAR Requirements for the Use of LM-80 Data – September 28, 2017
ENERGY STAR Start Time Test Method – September 25, 2017
ENERGY STAR Requirements for the Use of LM-80 Data Final Draft – June 22, 2017
ENERGY STAR Requirements for the Use of LM-80 Data Comments
CITIZEN Comments (PDF, 930 KB)
Cree Comments (PDF, 177 KB)
CSA Comments (PDF, 196 KB)
DLC Comments (PDF, 256 KB)
ITL Comments (PDF, 19 KB)
JZJ Consulting Comments (PDF, 112 KB)
NEMA Comments (PDF, 234 KB)
Nichia Comments (PDF, 478 KB)
ENERGY STAR Requirements for the Use of LM-80 Data – October 21, 2016
ENERGY STAR TM-21 Calculator - Updated June 18, 2018

For information on the ENERGY STAR TM-21 Calculator, please see the Luminaires Specification Version 1.0  page.
ENERGY STAR TM-21 Calculator (EXCEL, 110 KB)

ENERGY STAR Lighting Test Methods
ENERGY STAR TM-28 Calculator - February 9, 2016
Luminaires V2.0 Final Specification - May 29, 2015

EPA will be hosting a webinar to discuss the final specification on Friday June 5th, 2015 at 2 PM.  To register for the webinar, please click here.

Luminaires V2.0 Draft 2 Comments
Acuity Brands Comments (PDF, 104 KB)
Bridgelux Comments (PDF, 38 KB)
Cree Comments (PDF, 869 KB)
Eaton Comments (PDF, 96 KB)
GE Comments (PDF, 37 KB)
Intertek Comments (PDF, 67 KB)
Juno Lighting Comments (PDF, 154 KB)
Kichler Comments (PDF, 90 KB)
NEEP Comments (PDF, 46 KB)
Philips Comments (PDF, 308 KB)
Terralux Comments (PDF, 303 KB)
UL Comments (PDF, 117 KB)
Luminaires V2.0 Stakeholder Meeting - April 20, 2015
Targeted Stakeholder Discussions: April 1, April 7, 2015

To facilitate an open discussion among stakeholders, EPA will host 2 separate calls on connected lighting and lighting product packaging.  These topics generated stakeholder feedback during the specification development process for ENERGY STAR Luminaires and Lamps Versions 2.0 on that led the Agency to believe that further discussion on these topics among stakeholders would be beneficial.
Connected Functionality:

Product Labeling and Packaging:

If you have any questions about either call, please contact the ENERGY STAR Lighting Inbox at

Luminaires V2.0 Draft 2 Stakeholder Meeting - March 17, 2015
Luminaires V2.0 Draft 2 – March 6, 2015
Luminaires V2.0 Draft 1 Comments
Acuity Brands Comments (PDF, 52 KB)
CEE Comments (PDF, 2.4 MB)
Cordelia Comments (PDF, 97 KB)
GE Comments (PDF, 91 KB)
Good Earth Comments (PDF, 248 KB)
Intertek Comments (PDF, 41 KB)
MaxLite Comments (PDF, 329 KB)
NEEP Comments (PDF, 46 KB)
Philips Comments (PDF, 331 KB)
TCP Comments (PDF, 243 KB)
Terralux Comments (PDF, 98 KB)
UL Comments (PDF, 136 KB)
Luminaires V2.0 Draft 1 Stakeholder Meeting - January 21, 2015
Luminaires V2.0 Discussion Document - October 15, 2014
Discussion Document Comments - November 14, 2014
ACS Comments (PDF, 423 KB)
Acuity Brands Comments (PDF, 40 KB)
ConTech Comments (PDF, 271 KB)
Cordelia Comments (PDF, 113 KB)
Intertek Comments (PDF, 47 KB)
ITL Comments (PDF, 34 KB)
Juno Lighting Comments (PDF, 161 KB)
Lunera Comments (PDF, 239 KB)
TERRALUX Comments (PDF, 793 KB)
UL Comments (PDF, 189 KB)