ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2018 Criteria Development

EPA has released the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2018 recognition criteria. Please contact with any questions.

Final 2018 Recognition Criteria

Boilers (PDF, 62 KB)
Ceiling Fans (PDF, 243 KB)
Clothes Dryers (PDF, 202 KB)
Clothes Washers (PDF, 198 KB)
Computer Monitors (PDF, 372 KB)
Dehumidifiers (PDF, 121 KB)
Dishwashers (PDF, 199 KB)
Furnaces (PDF, 66 KB)
Refrigerator-Freezers (PDF, 217 KB)
Ventilating Fans (PDF, 120 KB)
Windows (PDF, 202 KB)

Draft Criteria Stakeholder Comments

CEE (PDF, 412 KB)
GS&F (PDF, 121 KB)
NRDC (PDF, 241 KB)
NEEA (PDF, 203 KB)
NEEP (PDF, 200 KB)
Samsung (PDF, 228 KB)
Whirlpool (PDF, 148 KB)

ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2017 Update and 2018 Criteria Stakeholder Webinar

EPA held a webinar on August 17, 2017 to discuss the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2017 Update and 2018 Criteria.

Watch the webinar recording below:

The recording is in three parts due to file size constraints. Thank you for your understanding.

Draft 2018 Recognition Criteria

Boilers (PDF, 64 KB)
Ceiling Fans (PDF, 249 KB)
Clothes Dryers (PDF, 204 KB)
Clothes Washers (PDF, 203 KB)
Computer Monitors (PDF, 382 KB)
Dehumidifiers (PDF, 64 KB)
Dishwashers (PDF, 204 KB)
Furnaces (PDF, 68 KB)
Refrigerator-Freezers (PDF, 224 KB)
Ventilating Fans (PDF, 124 KB)
Windows (PDF, 206 KB)