Computers Specification Version 7.0

The ENERGY STAR specification for computers is currently under revision. Materials related to this revision process are provided below. Stakeholders who received past communications related to development of Version 7.0 will continue to receive updates on the development effort. To be added to the contact list, stakeholders are encouraged to contact with their contact information to be added to the list.

ENERGY STAR Computers Version 7.0 Discussion Guide Stakeholder Comments - March 10, 2017
CA IOU Comments (PDF, 603 KB)
ITI Comments (PDF, 517 KB)
NRDC Comments (PDF, 484 KB)

ENERGY STAR Computers Version 7.0 Launch Webinar

EPA held a webinar on February 13, 2017 to launch the Version 7.0 Computers development process. Please send all written feedback to no later than February 27, 2017.

ENERGY STAR Version 7.0 Specification Development Launch

EPA will host a webinar to discuss the launch of Computers Version 7.0 on Monday, February 13 from 12:00pm - 2:00 Eastern Time. Please register for the webinar here.