ENERGY STAR + Connected Functionality

ENERGY STAR certified products with connected functionality are designed to encourage interoperability and offer the following features; low energy use, energy use reporting, and consumer ownership of all data. Some products, such as appliances and smart thermostats also offer the features below.

  • Alerts for energy wasting conditions, for instance a refrigerator door left open
  • Ability to communicate with your local utility through a demand response program (with your permission) enabling you to support a smarter, cleaner electricity system
  • Ability to allow utility control (with your permission) of certain functions (e.g. shifting refrigerator defrost time to the middle of the night when energy demand is low)
  • Ultimate control over the product by the consumer, including ability to override utility requests

EPA understands there can be security risks associated with smart products and systems. EPA will continue to follow industry standard developments, and to the extent that sound security standards arise, may point to them in ENERGY STAR specifications as appropriate.