Smart Home Energy Management Systems

What is an ENERGY STAR Smart Home Energy Management System?

The new ENERGY STAR program for Smart Home Energy Management Systems (SHEMS) recognizes smart home systems that help you simplify, reduce and manage your energy consumption. This recognition applies to a bundle of smart home devices and services that are centrally managed by a service provider and can be controlled and customized by individuals.

Benefits of Smart Home Energy Management Systems:

SHEMS provide a variety of benefits that help you monitor energy consumption, help protect the environment, and reduce electricity costs. Energy consumption is simplified by: 

  • Allowing smart devices to be controlled while you are not at home
  • Facilitating a schedule for your smart devices to operate on
  • Suggesting energy saving actions based on room or home occupancy

Infinitely customizable, ENERGY STAR Smart Home Energy Management Systems can be easily tailored to fit your lifestyle.

What is included in an ENERGY STAR Management System package?

An ENERGY STAR certified package requires, at minimum:

  • An ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostat
  • Two ENERGY STAR certified smart lights or smart switches that measure energy use
  • Plug load monitor/control (e.g., smart power strip, smart plug, circuit monitor)

In addition to the minimum requirements, the ENERGY STAR program encourages connection of additional smart devices to maximize the benefits. The more devices that are centrally managed through the system based o occupancy and other coordinated efforts, the better home energy can be managed. Additional devices and servics may include: 

  • ENERGY STAR appliances
  • Electric Vehicle charges
  • Smart security systems

Current Specification Effective Date:  September 3, 2019

Smart Home Energy Management Systems Key Product Criteria

Learn How a Product Earns the Label

Ask your smart home/security/cable providers if they offer an ENERGY STAR Smart Home Energy Management System. 

  • If you already own an ENERGY STAR smart thermostat, check with the manufacturer to see if it's compatible with any ENERGY STAR Smart Home Energy Management Systems (certified partner links, coming soon!) If not, let them know you are interested. Many companies may not yet be aware of this new opportunity.
  • If you already have all the required smart devices, ask your service provider if they can coordinate your devices with an ENERGY STAR Smart Home Energy Management System.
  • If you want to further expand your ENERGY STAR Smart Home Energy Management System, ask your service provider what smart devidces work best within your system.