Pool Pumps Key Product Criteria

Equipment Specification
Pool Pumps Allows pool owner to vary pumping speed to meet different pool functions (e.g., filtering, cleaning) and save energy versus using a single higher speed to accommodate all pool functions.

Key Product Criteria for ENERGY STAR Qualified Pool Pumps

Product Type Requirements
Version 1.1 Energy Efficiency Requirements: Effective February 15, 2013
Single Speed Pump EF ≥ 3.8 for the single speed
Energy Factor (EF) is the volume of water pumped in gallons per watt hour of electric energy consumed by the pump motor (gal/Wh).
Multi-speed, Variable-speed, and Variable-flow pump EF ≥ 3.8 for the most efficient speed
Most Efficient Speed: The speed with the highest Energy Factor for a given pump.