Office Equipment

ENERGY STAR certified office equipment - from computers and monitors to imaging equipment, such as printers and copiers - save energy through efficient design and power management options. They use less energy to perform regular tasks, and when not in use, automatically enter a low-power mode.

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the Expert

Energy Efficient Video Streaming

Let the experts at ENERGY STAR show you the most energy efficient ways to watch your favorite shows or movies.

Carbon IT Campaign

Save Energy. Save Money. Participate Today!

The Low Carbon IT Campaign is a nationwide effort to assist and recognize organizations for reducing the energy consued by their IT equipment.

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Your Green to Work

Bring Your Green to Work

ENERGY STAR's suite of fun tools and resources can help motivate and inspire everyone from the boiler room to the board room.

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Start Saving With My ENERGY STAR

Looking for ways to save energy at home?
My ENERGY STAR makes it easy to browse energy saving tips, and to see how your actions can make a difference. Here are a few tips to get you started.