Displays Key Product Criteria

Effective Date: January 28, 2020


Total Energy Consumption Calculation (kWh)
E_TEC=8.76 ×(0.35×P_ON+0.65×P_SLEEP)
Maximum Total Energy Consumption Calculation (kWh)
A < 190
(4.00×r)+(0.172×A)+ 1.50
190 ≤ A <210
210 ≤ A <315
A ≥ 315
(4.00 x r) + (0.182 x A) – 13.20
r is the screen resolution in megapixels
A is the Screen Area in in2
Total Energy Consumption Requirement (kWh)
E_EP is the enhanced performance display allowance
E_ABC is the Automatic Brightness Control allowance
E_N is the Full Network Connectivity allowance
E_T is the Touch Functionality allowance
E_C is the curved Display allowance
E_HDR is the HDR Display allowance
E_USB is the allowance for Displays with USB-C Power Deliver functionality
eff_(AC_DC) is the standard adjustment for ac-dc power conversion losses that occur at the device powering the Display, and is 1.0 for Ac-powered Displays and 0.85 for Displays with Standard dc
Total Energy Consumption Allowances (kWh)
Enhanced performance display supporting a Color Gamut (G) of 32.9% of CIE LUV or greater.
((1.70 x G/100%) – 0.52) x E_TEC_MAX
Automatic Brightness Control Allowance
Full Network Connectivity Allowance
Touch Functionality Allowance
Curved Display Allowance
HDR Displays meeting the DisplayHDR CTS Tier 600 0.05 x E_TEC_MAX
HDR Displays meeting the DisplayHDR CTS Tier 1-00 0.10 x E_TEC_MAX
USB-C Power Delivery Allowance 2.75


Maximum On Mode Calculation (W)
P_ON_MAX = (4.0×10^(-5) x ℓ ×A)+120×tanh(0.0005×(A-140.0)+0.03)+20
A = Screen Area in square inches
ℓ = Maximum Measured Luminance of the display in candelas per square meter
On Mode Requirement (W)
P_ON ≤ P_ON_MAX+P_ABC+P_Module
 P_ABC is the Measured On Mode Power allowance for ABC in watts
P_Module is the Measured On Mode Power allowance for embedded modules in watts
On Mode Allowances (W)
Automatic Brightness Control Allowance P_ABC=0.05×P_ON_MAX
Embedded Module Allowance 2.5
Maximum Sleep Mode Power Requirement (W)
Sleep Mode Requirement (W)
P_N is the Full Network Connectivity allowance
P_OS is the Occupancy Sensor allowance
P_T is the Touch allowance for Signage Displays with screen size over 30 inches
Sleep Mode Allowances (W)
Full Network Connectivity Allowance
Occupancy Sensor Allowance
Touch Functionality Allowance

All displays with Off Mode must have measured power in Off Mode less than 0.5 W