EZ Wizard Web Based Software Tool

EZ Wizard is a free simple program that will enable power management on your monitor in seconds.

EZ Wizard will:

  • Ask how long you want your system to sit idle before it goes to sleep; you can choose 10, 15, or 20 minutes.
  • Ask if you want to be able to see your screen saver before the monitor goes to sleep.
  • Turn on the ENERGY STAR features that work with your monitor.
  • Use the existing power management functionality of Windows (95/98/ME/2000/XP).
  • Not enable machines running Windows NT (for possible solutions, see Windows NT Options) or Windows Vista.

If you want to return the system to its previous settings, simply run EZ Wizard again. EZ Wizard will ask if you want to change the current settings or reset to the old settings. If you select reset, the system will be returned to the ENERGY STAR state that was in place prior to running EZ Wizard.

EZ Wizard for End Users

You can easily enable power management on your computer, and start saving energy right now, by running EZ Wizard.

Start EZ Wizard now.

EZ Wizard For Energy or IT Managers

Energy or IT Managers can download the EZ Wizard program and place the program on their energy-efficiency Web site. End users, driven to the site by an effective organization-wide outreach campaign, can then use EZ Wizard to enable monitor power management on their computers. In some instances, energy managers can email it all end users with instructions to run it on receipt. (Please be aware that some email systems do not allow executable files like EZ Wizard to be distributed as an email attachment.)

Screen Shots of Monitor Power Management Activation Through EZ Wizard.


EZ Wizard directions 1


EZ Wizard directions image


EZ Wizard directions image