Ceiling Fans Key Product Criteria

ENERGY STAR Ceiling Fans - Eligible Product Types

Ceiling Fan A non-portable device designed for home use that is suspended from the ceiling for circulating air via the rotation of fan blades; for which the lowest point on fan blades is greater than 10 inches from the ceiling. Some ceiling fans are sold with ceiling fan light kits.
Hugger Ceiling Fan A ceiling fan for which the lowest point on the fan blades is less than or equal to 10 inches from the ceiling. Hugger ceiling fans can be safely installed on low ceilings and some are sold with ceiling fan light kits.

Ceiling Fan Efficiency Requirements

Line Chart showing Ceiling Fan Efficiency vs Fan Size
Line Chart showing Hugger Ceiling Fan Efficiency vs Fan Size

Type Size (diameter) (in.)† Minimum Efficiency (cfm/W)† Minimum High Speed Airflow (cfm)
Ceiling Fan D ≤ 36 inches ≥ 0.72*D + 41.93 ≥ 1767
36 inches < D < 78 inches ≥ 2.63*D - 26.83 ≥ 250*π*(D/24)2
D ≥ 78 inches ≥ 8296
Hugger Ceiling Fan D ≤ 36 inches ≥ 0.31*D + 36.84 ≥ 1414
36 inches < D < 78 inches ≥ 1.75*D - 15 ≥ 200*π*(D/24)2
D ≥ 78 inches ≥ 6637

†D represents the fan size in inches

Ceiling Fan Light Kit Efficacy Requirements

Type Minimum Efficacy (lumens/W) Minimum Light Output (lumens)
Shipped with ENERGY STAR certified light bulbs 65.0 N/A
Separable Light Source 65.0 800
Integrated Light Source 70.0

Additional Attributes

  • ENERGY STAR certified ceiling fan light kits:
    • Distribute light more efficiently and effectively — with custom design around the efficient light source to get the best performance.
    • Last longer and come with a manufacturer-backed warranty of at least three years.
  • Certified ceiling fans permit convenient consumer adjustment of fan speed, airflow direction, and/or lighting by means of one or more wall-mounted switch(es), remote control(s), readily accessible pull chain(s), or mobile device application(s).
  • Non-lighting component(s) are warrantied for at least three years.
  • Some ENERGY STAR ceiling fans offer connected functionality, so you can control it with your smartphone or voice assistant!


Ceiling Fan Efficiency:

A weighted efficiency metric based on the ceiling fan performance at multiple speeds and in stand-by mode, expressed in cubic feet per minute per watt (CFM/W).

Ceiling Fan Light Kit (CFLK):

Equipment designed to provide light from a ceiling fan that is: (1) attached to the ceiling fan prior to the time of retail sale; or (2) not physically attached to the ceiling fan, but may be included inside the ceiling fan at the time of sale or sold separately for subsequent attachment to the fan.