Signage Displays Key Product Criteria

Effective Date: July 1, 2016

Most signage displays are covered under the ENERGY STAR Display specification. Displays that include a tuner or batteries designed to support device mobility (e.g., electronic readers, battery-powered digital picture frames) are not covered under the Display specification

The key product criteria information below is for signage displays covered under the ENERGY STAR Display specification.

The Maximum On Mode Power (PON_MAX) in watts shall be calculated per equation below.

PON_MAX = (4.0 × 10-5 × ℓ × A) + 119× tanh(0.0008 × (A - 200.0) + 0.11) + 6


  • PON_MAX is the Maximum on Mode Power, in watts;
  • A is the Screen Area in square inches;
  • ℓ is the  Maximum Measured Luminance of the Display in candelas per square meter, as measured in Section 6.2 of the test method;
  • tanh is the hyperbolic tangent function; and
  • The result shall be rounded to the nearest tenth of a watt for reporting.

For Signage Displays with automatic brightness control (ABC) enabled by default, a power allowance (PABC) is given. Please go to ENERGY STAR Display specification for more details.

Sleep Mode Requirements for Signage Displays:

Displays must meet the following Sleep Mode power requirements that take into account network connectivity, occupancy sensor, and touch allowance. Measured Sleep Mode power must be less than or equal to the following calculation.



  • PSLEEP is Measured Sleep Mode Power in watts;
  • PSLEEP_MAX is the Maximum Sleep Mode Power requirement in watts per Table 5;
  • PN is the Full Network Connectivity allowance in watts per Table 6;
  • P­OS is the Occupancy Sensor allowance in watts per Table 7; and
  • T is the Touch allowance in watts per Table 7.
Maximum Sleep Mode Power Requirement (PSLEEP_MAX) for Signage Displays
Full Network Connectivity Allowance for Signage Displays
Additional Functions Sleep Mode Power Allowance for Signage Displays
Type Screen Size (in) Allowance (watts)
Occupancy Sensor
All 0.3
Touch Functionality
(applicable only to Signage Displays
where screen size is greater than 30 inches)
≤ 30 0.0
> 30 1.5

Off Mode Requirements for all Displays

Displays need not have an Off Mode for certification. For Displays that do offer an Off Mode, measured Off Mode power shall be less than or equal to 0.5 watts.