Shopping Sustainably Just Got Easier

Save Today. Save Tomorrow. Save for Good. ENERGY STAR logo. Look for the ENERGY STAR Label and Start Your Savings! Mom and son.

Looking for products that can save you money while you also help the planet? Of course, looking for the ENERGY STAR label is a good place to start, but access to energy- and money-saving ENERGY STAR certified products has gotten much easier now that Amazon has introduced its Climate Pledge Friendly badge, a way to help customers identify products that help preserve the natural world. ENERGY STAR is excited to join with Amazon this ENERGY STAR Day by encouraging everyone to make climate-friendly choices, while they also save money on energy bills. 

You can now find the Climate Pledge Friendly badge on over 300,000 products available across 20,000 brands on Amazon, including products that are ENERGY STAR certified. The badge shows that the product has earned at least one or more of 38 third-party certifications that Amazon has identified as having rigorous and transparent standards to identify positive sustainability attributes, in addition to Compact by Design, an Amazon-created certification.

The Climate Pledge Friendly badge is an easy indicator that the product is more sustainable. Customers can also see the badge on individual product pages, where they can learn more about the products, as well as how and why they are certified sustainable by Amazon. One new product that just made it to the sustainable roster is Amazon's own branded smart thermostat. The Amazon smart thermostat is ENERGY STAR certified to save energy, and it is available at an affordable price to allow everyone access to this energy-saving smart technology, regardless of income.

ENERGY STAR’s trusted blue label has always made saving energy, money, and the planet simple. Now, selecting certified products will be even easier when shopping online. Any product that features the Climate Pledge Friendly badge and has earned the ENERGY STAR will be clearly marked to help customers identify the ENERGY STAR certification. Amazon hopes that the Climate Pledge Friendly Badge will help customers find more-sustainable products that they might not have otherwise discovered or considered. ENERGY STAR hopes that this will make it easier than ever for all of us to save today, save tomorrow and save for good this ENERGY STAR Day and every day.