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Commercial Ovens Specification Version 1.0

Commercial Ovens Specification Version 2.0

Commercial Ovens Specification Version 2.2

Commercial Ovens Program Requirements Version 2.0 (PDF, 229KB)

Commercial Ovens Program Requirements Version 2.1 (PDF, 236KB) 

Commercial Ovens Specification Version 3.0 Development Process

Historical List: On January 1, 2014, the ENERGY STAR Commercial Ovens specification changed. View the last list of Commercial Ovens (EXCEL, 29 KB) that were qualified prior to the specification change.

Applying for the ENERGY STAR

To ensure consumer confidence in the ENERGY STAR label and to protect the investment of ENERGY STAR partners, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all ENERGY STAR products to be third-party certified. 

To certify your product to the current ENERGY STAR specification, contact an EPA-recognized Certification Body (CB). A list of EPA-recognized CB, as well as an overview of the ENERGY STAR third-party certification program, including requirements for Verification Testing, can be found here.


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ENERGY STAR’s Training Center has fact sheets, training materials, and other tools to help communicate the benefits of purchasing ENERGY STAR certified products. Visit the training center here.