Eligible Commercial Fixture Types

The ENERGY STAR label is primarily intended for products to be installed in residential applications, though some commercial grade light fixtures are included in the program.

Most lighting products used in open-plan offices, warehouses and other large commercial or industrial spaces are not labeled by the ENERGY STAR program. EPA encourages building owners and operators to consider lighting design as part of the overall building system and offers ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager energystar.gov/benchmark as a means for tracking and evaluating the impact of energy efficiency improvements – including lighting upgrades on building performance over time.

High-performing commercial lighting products in the categories below are eligible for ENERGY STAR qualification.

  • Commercial accent lights including line-voltage directional track lights
  • Commercial downlights: recessed, pendant, surface mount (includes retrofits & excludes troffers or linear forms)
  • Commercial under cabinet shelf-mounted task lighting
  • Commercial portable desk task lights
Shelf Mounted Task Light image

Shelf-mounted display and task lights

  • Accent and task lighting with clarity.
  • Great for illuminating work spaces and showcases.
  • Won’t damage light-sensitive items.
  • Thin, low-profile design, easily mountable.
Recessed Downlight image

Recessed down lights

  • No wasted energy or light — unlike a bulb inside a recessed can.
  • Dimmable when paired with a compatible dimmer switch.
  • Reduces cooling costs, by producing far less heat.
  • At least 25 times longer lasting than incandescent lights — no bulb changing.
Portable Desk Lamp image

Portable desk lamps

  • Clear brilliant light where you need it, without the heat.
  • Small, low-profile design.
  • Won’t damage light-sensitive items.
NOT Eligible to Earn the ENERGY STAR
Linear fluorescent lamps and their solid state retrofits
High bay fixtures and recessed troffers
Outdoor street and area lighting: wall packs, garage, canopy lighting and wall packs
Signage of any type, including EXIT signs and channel letter backlighting systems
Linear fluorescent pendants
Party or entertainment lighting
Adapters or converters