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Red Robin Gourmet Burgers specifies ENERGY STAR certified commercial refrigerators, fryers, and ice makers.

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers strives to promote the environmentally conscious use of energy in our restaurants to protect, recycle, and reduce the important natural resources that fuel our business every day. In 2009, Red Robin increased our efforts to more effectively manage our energy consumption.

We manage our energy operating costs and carbon footprint through keen, visible practices in purchasing, construction, corporate education, facility technologies and policies, equipment maintenance, and energy research. Not only is taking care of our Team Members and our guests among our top priorities at Red Robin, we are also committed to excellence in how we buy and use energy to protect these important resources for future generations.

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers specifies the following ENERGY STAR certified equipment in all new restaurant openings as well as for resupply in existing locations: commercial refrigerators, fryers, ice makers, water heaters, HVAC equipment, LED lighting in certain applications, and LED flat panel TVs.

Red Robin is also committed to a smarter use of energy by continually striving for new ways to be environmentally conscious.

As part of our commitment, we have installed 41 energy management systems (EMSs), implemented stringent guidelines for start-up and shut-down of equipment, and retrofitted most incandescent and halogen lights to LED lamps. The lamp conversion alone cut energy consumption for converted lamps by 77% during the initial installation year. We have also piloted a solar program test at three of our Colorado restaurants. As a direct result of each initiative, 2012 was the second consecutive year Red Robin has seen reduced energy costs in corporate restaurants system wide.

We have partnered with ENERGY STAR to create a Red Robin guide for restaurants, based on the ENERGY STAR Guide for Restaurants: Putting Energy Into Profit, to help educate our Team Members on our environmental commitment. In addition, we also publish a quarterly Energy Management Newsletter that contains utility cost savings tips to help restaurant teams further reduce energy consumption and cost.

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