Commercial Electric Cooktops Key Product Criteria

Version 1.0

Certified models meet all ENERGY STAR requirements as listed in the Version 1.0 ENERGY STAR Program Requirements for Commercial Electric Cooktops that are effective as of August 31, 2023.

Table 1: Energy Efficiency Requirements for Commercial Electric Cooktops 

Individual Hob Performance* 

 Cooking (Boil) Energy Efficiency, % 

≥ 80% 

* The ASTM F1521-22 test method indicates to start the test on the hob (or cooking unit/zone) closest to front and left (Section 10.4.2), then to repeat the test for each type of hob (or cooking unit/zone) on the range top (Section 10.4.11). The intent of the method is to test each hob individually. ENERGY STAR certification will rely on all individual hobs meeting the cooking (boil) energy efficiency level.  

Table 2: Energy Efficiency Requirements for Commercial Electric Ranges 

 Commercial Cooktop 

Must meet energy efficiency requirements per Table 1 above. 

 Commercial Oven 

Must be certified to the ENERGY STAR Commercial Ovens specification version currently in effect.  

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