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Are "Vintage" Light Bulbs Energy Efficient?

Vintage style is all the rage. In homes, bars, and restaurants, you see the old-fashioned light bulbs adorning cozy, inviting spaces and adding a neat vintage vibe to décor. Some call them “Edison” bulbs, since they are designed to show the filament like the original light bulb invented by Thomas Edison. 

Did you know that many of those vintage style light bulbs use the latest LED technology? Turns out, they are extremely energy efficient! Today’s manufacturers have figured out how to string together tiny LEDs to look just like an old-fashioned filament. And, believe it or not, these LED filament style bulbs are some of the best energy saving light bulbs among those that earn the ENERGY STAR label. 

Get the vintage look but be sure you make the smart choice of one that has gone through the extensive ENERGY STAR certification process.  All “filament” LED bulbs that have earned the ENERGY STAR are here. There are all kinds of shapes, from standard A19 to Globes and Candle shapes. 


Have you been looking for tear shaped bulbs? This shape is called ST. You can find the list of certified bulbs with this shape here

Looking for that very warm amber glow? Check out the ENERGY STAR certified options here. Many are also dimmable. Some even get warmer as they dim. For tips on dimming LED bulbs click here

Author: Taylor Jantz-Sell