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The Best Gifts Do Great Things

This holiday season, you can give the gifts everyone loves and feel good about doing it. Some of the best products on the market this year deliver great features and functionality but use less energy, which means they save money on energy bills and help protect the environment.   The Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR label can be found on a range of products, including TVs, laptops, tablets, and other electronics, smart thermostats, appliances and even lighting. The products that display it have been independently certified to save energy, save money and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

 A typical household spends about $2,000 a year on energy bills. A home outfitted with products that have earned the ENERGY STAR label can save 30% or about $575 a year on household energy bills–that adds up to saving $8,750 and reducing 77,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions over the life of these products!

The ENERGY STAR Holiday Gift Guide features some of the energy-saving products that are popular this time of year, along with special deals offered by manufacturers, retailers and utilities that participate in the ENERGY STAR Program.  Looking for the ENERGY STAR label on products specially priced for the holidays means you save on the initial price, plus keep saving through the holidays and beyond.