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Start the School Year Off Right with ENERGY STAR Certified Laundry Products

The school year has begun, and if there is one constant in homes across the country, it is the big pile of laundry that accumulates by the end of each week. Whether your kids are headed to elementary school, or dropping off their dirty clothes on weekends home from college, parents do a lot of loads in between homework reviews, PTA meetings, and the hundreds of other things on the to-do list. While you’re at it, do yourself and the planet a favor: make sure your washer/dryer pair is ENERGY STAR certified, for energy and water savings all year long. 

Top Four Reasons to Choose Laundry Products that have Earned the ENERGY STAR

  1. They Are More Efficient: ENERGY STAR certified clothes washers and dryers are 25% and 20% more efficient, respectively, than standard models. A certified washing machine will also use about 33% less water than standard models.
  2. They Incorporate Advanced Features: For example, ENERGY STAR certified clothes washers spin clothes two to three times faster than a standard model, to extract more water. Less moisture in the clothes means less time in the dryer and less energy spent drying clothes. And ENERGY STAR certified dryers include advanced sensors that are more effective at drying clothes only as much as needed.
  3. They Are Better For Your Clothes: ENERGY STAR clothes washers use a variety of sophisticated cleaning methods that are gentler on your clothes, while ENERGY STAR clothes dryers reduce wear and tear on clothes from over drying.
  4. The Will Save You Money: You can save $370 over the lifetime of an ENERGY STAR certified clothes washer and even more with an ENERGY STAR washer/dryer pair.

Looking for even more savings? Consider an ENERGY STAR certified heat pump dryer. These dryers use advanced technology requiring about half the energy of a standard electric dryer. They can save you 20-60% on your energy bill compared to conventional clothes dryers. Find out everything you need to know about certified clothes washers and dryers on the ENERGY STAR website.