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Save Big with an ENERGY STAR Certified Water Heater

The unofficial end of summer has come and gone, and for many across the country there is a slight nip in the air as fall approaches. In between getting the kids ready for back-to-school and grabbing your first pumpkin spiced latte of the season, have you given any thought to the age of your water heater? While it may be the last thing on your mind, this is the perfect time of year to put some thought into when your family should buy a new water heater. If your water heater is more than 10 years old consider replacing it with a new energy efficient, ENERGY STAR certified water heater now, before it fails.

Did you know? Water heaters are the second highest source of energy usage in the home. A new ENERGY STAR certified heat pump water heater can save a home up to $3,500 in energy costs over its lifetime. You can save even more with rebate incentives.

Water heaters account for 12 percent of residential energy consumption, costing a household of four up to $620 every year in energy costs. Homeowners who invest in a planned replacement of their old water heater with a new ENERGY STAR certified unit can save thousands of dollars in energy costs and avoid potentially costly clean up when their old unit fails.

ENERGY STAR has an efficient water heater option for every household:

Heat Pump Water Heaters:

  • ENERGY STAR certified heat pump water heaters use less than half the energy of standard electric storage models.
  • ENERGY STAR heat pump water heaters use a highly efficient heat pump to transfer heat from the surrounding air to the water. If the surrounding air is too cold, the unit can switch to the electric heating element to heat the water.
  • A new ENERGY STAR certified heat pump water heater costs more upfront, but quickly pays back the difference in energy bill savings.

Gas Storage Water Heaters:

  • ENERGY STAR certified gas storage water heaters are 8 percent more efficient than conventional models.
  • ENERGY STAR gas storage water heaters have better insulation, heat traps and more efficient burners to keep the water hot.

Taking time to plan the replacement of your water heater is a big benefit for busy families, allowing for:

  • Time to research the right technology for your household.
  • The opportunity to learn about rebates and other incentives available to you through your local utility or energy service provider.
  • The reduction of the risk of your current water heater breaking down, leading to a costly clean up and emergency replacement sticker shock.

Start your research today to find rebates from over 150 utilities, energy service providers and municipalities for ENERGY STAR certified gas, electric and solar water heaters. Just think: If all residential water heaters sold in the United States were ENERGY STAR certified, the energy cost savings would grow to nearly $13.4 billion each year, and more than 155 billion pounds of annual greenhouse gas emissions would be prevented, equivalent to the emissions from nearly 15 million vehicles.