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There is nothing better than feeling like you have found the perfect gifts for your loved ones.  This season, give them a gift they can feel especially good about all season long.  Electronics, appliances, and now smart thermostats that have earned the ENERGY STAR label have the extra benefit of saving energy.  And saving energy means lower electric bills and a cleaner environment.  How great is that?   If you want some really good gift-giving advice, just remember that the best gifts do great things, and always look for the ENERGY STAR.  Here are some gifts to consider as well as links to deals and rebates available in your area:

  • Make the easy choice this holiday season with ENERGY STAR certified TVs. They come with all of the cutting-edge features and are 27% more energy efficient than standard models!
  • You’ll hear the sounds of savings this holiday season if you choose an ENERGY STAR certified sound bar, which uses about 70% less energy than a conventional model.
  • What kid doesn’t have a laptop or tablet on their wish list? Now you can make their wishes come true and make a difference for the planet! Depending on how they’re used, ENERGY STAR certified laptops use as much as 60 percent less energy without sacrificing quality or performance.
  •  Are you thinking your household might need the gift of a new washer or dryer to get through the holiday season?  Using less energy and water, an ENERGY STAR certified clothes washer could save $490 in utility bills over its lifetime.  An electric clothes dryer that has earned the label would save you about $200. 
  • How about a new smart thermostat for the techie on your list? Smart thermostats that have earned the ENERGY STAR are independently certified to deliver energy savings based on extensive field data, as well as reliable performance and convenience, insight and control.
  • Looking for that perfect stocking stuffer? With all the affordable LED bulbs available these days, you can get reliable savings and great lighting by looking for the little blue ENERGY STAR label. A single ENERGY STAR certified LED lightbulb lasts at least 12 years with typical use and saves about $80 over its lifetime.
  •  And don’t forget, if you’re decorating with light strings be sure to choose ENERGY STAR certified LED light strings. They will brighten your holiday and use 75 percent less energy than an incandescent light string.

Feel good about your gift this year – give one that does great things by saving energy, saving money and protecting the environment.  Check out all the options on our complete lists of ENERGY STAR certified products, as well as any rebates offered in your area.