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Maintain Your Cooling System and Chill Out with ENERGY STAR

Are you looking to save energy, save money and protect the environment from climate change this summer? Maintaining your home cooling system is one of the best ways to be energy efficient and comfortable in your home. Check out this video and Ask the Expert!

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Summer is finally here and these warm days are going to drive up your utility bill. Here’s what you can do to save money and energy the summer to make sure you cooling system is well maintained.

Changing your air filter regularly at least once every three months will improve your airflow and help keep your system's components from working too hard. We also recommend having your cooling system checked both indoors and outdoors to ensure it is operating as designed.

Have a contractor check the air ducts to make sure they're not leaking or worse disconnected. Sealing duct leaks can improve your system's performance by 20 percent or more.

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