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The 7th annual ENERGY STAR Day is officially here! ENERGY STAR Day is an opportunity for people across the country to come together to celebrate the benefits of energy efficiency. Products that earn the ENERGY STAR label are independently certified to use less energy, save you money on your utility bills, and help protect the environment.  Many are available at special prices or come with a utility rebate. This ENERGY STAR Day, make a special effort to save for good – for all the good things you want in your life and for a healthier planet for you and your family. Check out the list below and let ENERGY STAR lead the way to savings. 

Save Today. Save Tomorrow. Save For Good.

Top Tools to Help You Save Big this ENERGY STAR Day

  1. ENERGY STAR Best Value Finder: This mobile friendly tool is your one stop shop for smart savings all in one place. Get low prices now and low energy bills from now on for ENERGY STAR certified refrigerators, televisions, light bulbs and room air conditioners.
  2. ENERGY STAR Rebate Finder: Learn about rebates offered in your area on a broad range of ENERGY STAR certified products. Just type in your zip code to get started!
  3. My ENERGY STAR: Are you at a loss for how to even get started on your energy saving journey? Check out My ENERGY STAR for tips and resources to help you best save energy at home. From low/no-cost projects to larger investments, this tool will get you on the road to energy efficiency in no time!

Save today, save tomorrow and save for good with ENERGY STAR!