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Gift Giving with ENERGY STAR Certified Electronics

Get your friends and family the high tech gifts they want, and help fight climate change with ENERGY STAR.

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Have you ever had a question about saving energy in your home, but didn't know where to turn? Just ask the expert!

No matter the time of year electronics always at the top of many wish lists. The great news is you can get your friends and family the high-tech gifts they want and help fight climate change all by making one simple choice: Energy Star. Look for the trusted blue label on the hottest products—from smart Ultra HD TVs and tablets to soundbars and wireless speakers.

EPA's Energy Star label means you'll save money and use less energy. With an average of 24 electronics products in every home, there are lots of opportunities to save energy in every room of the house. Energy Star certified TV's are 25 percent more energy efficient than standard ones and a certified soundbar is 78 percent more efficient.

The next time you're looking for the perfect present look for the Energy Star. Get more expert advice at