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Getting Festive: Your Guide to ENERGY STAR Certified Decorative Light Strings

Decorating for the holidays? Wanting to bring a warm and festive atmosphere in your home? Choose ENERGY STAR certified decorative light strings! With options for indoor and outdoor use, certified decorative light strings come in a variety of colors, shapes and lengths.

ENERGY STAR makes choosing decorative light strings easy with these amazing features:

Technologically Advanced

  • Use LED technology, which is exceptionally energy efficient when producing individual colors.
    Decorative LED Light Strings
  • Use 75% less energy than conventional incandescent lights strings.
  • Can last up to 10 times longer than traditional incandescent strands, meaning fewer light string replacements.
  • Provide the latest features and functionalities such as dimming and color shifting.

Provide a Safer Choice

  • Are more durable and shock-resistant than other light strings; they do not have moving parts, filaments or glass.
  • Are cool to the touch.
  • Products labeled for outdoor use are tested to ensure they can stand up to the elements

Come with Peace of Mind

  • Come with a manufacturer-backed warranty of at least three years.
  • Are independently tested to meet strict quality requirements.
People outside with decorative lights

Make the Most of Your Holiday Lights:

  • Turn off lights before leaving and when going to bed.
  • Check for damaged outdoor sockets and fix them before plugging any lights in.
  • Leave lights unplugged when arranging and attaching them.

Learn more about ENERGY STAR certified holiday lighting here. Happy Holidays!