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Two girls eating popsicles outside.

Summer is here and while you may be dreaming of beach vacations, there is one aspect of the warm weather months that you may not have considered yet--the effect on your utility bills. Did you know that the average household spends $2,000 a year on utility bills, with nearly half going to cooling and heating their home? The cost of keeping cool can be significant, but not if you put a little thought into it from the start.

Man looking in grocery freezer

How many times have you sat down in your favorite restaurant and thought about the refrigerator in the back of the house before digging into your food? If the answer is never, that is not surprising. Commercial refrigeration may not be top of mind for many Americans, but if it earns the ENERGY STAR label it is one of the best ways that businesses large and small can save energy, money and help protect the environment.   

smart thermostat

Did You Know? For the average American household, almost half of the annual energy bill goes to heating and cooling – more than $900 a year!  Being smart about how you control your temperature settings will go a long way in helping your family save energy and money, and starting now there is a new way to save with ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostats! 

What is a smart thermostat? A smart thermostat is a Wi-Fi enabled device that can automatically adjust heating and cooling temperature settings for optimal performance.  

Earth Day message

It’s easy to make every day Earth Day with ENERGY STAR. That’s because saving energy is about much more than just preserving resources and saving money – it also means you are doing your part to help protect the planet from climate change. So, choosing energy-saving, ENERGY STAR products makes a difference for the environment EVERY DAY.