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Cool Off by Sealing and Insulating and Chill Out with ENERGY STAR

Are you looking to save energy, save money and protect the environment from climate change this summer? Maintaining your home cooling system is one of the best ways to be energy efficient and comfortable in your home. Check out this video and Ask the Expert!

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Have you ever had a question about saving energy in your home, but didn't know where to turn? Just ask the expert!

Chill out with Energy Star this summer. Keep the hot air out of the attic by air sealing in adding insulation. Let’s see how much insulation we have.

A good rule of thumb is if you can see the top of the floor rafters, you definitely need to add insulation. In the south you should have at least 13 total inches and if you live in the north a 18 inches. And it's very important that the insulation be evenly spread.

Next decided this is a project you can do yourself or if you need to hire a pro. Done right your sealed and insulated attic will save you up to two hundred dollars a year. It’ll also make your home more comfortable.

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