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Ask the Expert- 3rd Party Certification

Learn more about how your favorite products get ENERGY STAR certified.

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Have you ever had a question about saving energy in your home, but didn't know where to turn? Now you can get the energy efficiency advising you need direct from EPA’s Energy Star program.  Just ask the Expert!

Hi my name is Matt and I was wondering what it takes to get a product Energy Star certified.

Hi Matt, I’m Eamon Monaghan. I oversee the testing and certification process for all ENERGY STAR products.

In order to earn the ENERGY STAR, a product must meet strict requirements for superior energy efficiency set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Some products also meet strict performance requirements as well. This LED light bulb for instance is tested to ensure it saves energy, but also doesn't trade off on light quality or brightness.

Each ENERGY STAR product is independently certified based on testing in the laboratory approved by EPA. To participate the certifiers and the laboratories all meet international standards for quality control and impartiality.

In addition to this up-front certification process, every year a subset of products are purchased off-the-shelf and tested again. This ensures that the product you purchased off the shelf meets the efficiency and quality criteria that you expect from the Energy Star label. It’s a rigorous process but every year over 20,000 products in 65 product categories earn the ENERGY STAR.

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