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6 Simple Ways to Fall Back and Fall Into Energy Savings

With autumn in full swing, daylight hours are in short supply, and that means using our lighting much more than we did over the summer. Let ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs light the way to using less energy and saving more money this fall.
6 Reasons to Fall Back into Energy Savings with ENERGY STAR LED Lighting: 

1.    Make good on your ENERGY STAR Day Pledge! 
Did you celebrate ENERGY STAR Day by taking the ENERGY STAR Pledge and making a commitment to energy saving action? Now is the time to act. Is changing a light to an ENERGY STAR LED bulb on your to-do list? Lower your energy use with this innovative lighting choice. With prices dropping dramatically (under $5 in some stores!), THIS is the time to try out LED bulb technology. Just remember to look for the ENERGY STAR for the best experience. 

2.    Take the long view
Sometimes people are put off by the upfront cost of ENERGY STAR LED lighting, but if you really break down the numbers, it saves a lot in the long run. This chart clearly illustrates the lifetime cost of LED bulbs vs. CFL bulbs vs. incandescent bulbs. $190 vs. $37? No brainer.

Bulb Savings Comparison

3.    Buy bulbs less often 
For most of us, time is a precious commodity. Another great benefit of ENERGY STAR lighting is that it lasts longer. Products that earn the label have undergone rigorous testing and are independently certified to perform the way you expect them to. So not only are you saving money on replacement bulbs, you’re saving on all those hidden costs like gas to go to the store, and most importantly, your time. With ENERGY STAR LED lighting, you could raise a child in the same amount of time it takes to wear out an LED bulb.
4.    Clear and Simple Package Messaging 
Buying a bulb in 2015 requires a little more thought than it used to. But, the trusted blue label helps make it simple. ENERGY STAR bulbs come with all the information you might need to choose the right bulb for you -- right there on the package. Details like wattage equivalents and dimming capabilities are covered.  You can even get an estimate of the cost to operate.

Light Bulbs

5.    Did someone say Rebates?
Utilities nationwide offer rebates on the purchase of ENERGY STAR lighting. Many of them make the discount available automatically at the retail store, so you don’t have to submit any forms or receipts. Check the ENERGY STAR Rebate Finder for info on the discounts your utility provides and which retailers near you participate in their programs. 

6.    Saving the Planet is Pretty Cool
Cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions is crucial in the fight against climate change and making a positive impact on the environment. Saving energy means less fossil fuel is burned to create it.


If every American home replaced their five most frequently used light fixtures or bulbs with ENERGY STAR products, the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions would be equivalent to those of 5 MILLION cars. 

One ENERGY STAR LED light bulb replaces about 25 incandescent light bulbs because it lasts 25 times longer than the average light bulb. If you use 50 light bulbs in your home, you've reduced the number of light bulbs you throw away from 1,250 to just 50 over the life of the energy efficient bulbs. This reduces waste and the pollution associated with manufacturing, transportation, energy production and disposal.

ENERGY STAR makes finding the perfect lighting simple. Have more questions? Just send us a message and Ask the Expert! 

About the Author: Taylor Jantz-Sell is the ENERGY STAR lighting program manager at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. She oversees marketing and product development for ENERGY STAR lighting products.