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CyberPower - PR6000LCDRTXL5U


Power Conversion MechanismField details: Static
Minimum Configuration Tested Model NumberField details: PR6000LCDRTXL5U
Rated Output Power (W)Field details: 4,500
Active Output Power Rating Minimum Configuration (W)Field details: 4500
Apparent Output Power Rating Minimum Configuration (VA)Field details: 5000
Topology (ac)Field details: Line Interactive
Topology and Product Type CombinedField details: ac Line Interactive (VI)
ApplicationField details: Data Center
Rated Input Voltage (V rms)Field details: 131-268
Rated Input Frequency (Hz)Field details: 47-63
Rated Output Voltage (V)Field details: 193-257
Rated Output Frequency (Hz)Field details: 47-63
Rack MountableField details: Yes
Height (mm)Field details: 222
Width (mm)Field details: 616
Depth (mm)Field details: 432
Total Number of OutletsField details: 5
Number of Battery Backup and Surge Protected OutletsField details: 5
Number of Surge Protected Only OutletsField details: 0
Normal Mode(s) Input Dependency Characteristic (ac)Field details: Voltage Independent
Modular UPSField details: No
Number of Normal ModesField details: Single-normal-mode
Default Normal Mode (ac)Field details: Voltage Independent
Test Input Voltage (V rms)Field details: 240
Test Input Frequency (Hz)Field details: 60
Test Output Voltage (V)Field details: 240
Test Output Frequency (Hz)Field details: 60
Total Input Power in W at 0% Load Min Config Lowest Dependency (ac)Field details: 17.2
Efficiency at 25% Load Min Config Lowest Dependency (ac)Field details: 97.3
Efficiency at 50% Load Min Config Lowest Dependency (ac)Field details: 98.4
Efficiency at 75% Load Min Config Lowest Dependency (ac)Field details: 98.7
Efficiency at 100% Load Min Config Lowest Dependency (ac)Field details: 98.8
Weighted Efficiency Calc Min Config Lowest DependencyField details: 98.7
Efficiency (%)Field details: 98.7
Modular UPS Module Tested Model NumberField details: N/A
Energy Storage MechanismField details: Battery
Energy Storage System TechnologyField details: Valve Regulated Lead-acid Battery
Energy Storage System ConfigurationField details: Integral
Energy Storage System Removable to Another RoomField details: Yes
Energy Storage System Runtime at 100% Load (min.)Field details: 10
Energy Storage System Runtime at 50% Load (min.)Field details: 28
Energy Storage System Warranty (yrs)Field details: 2
Energy Storage System Information URLField details: N/A
Network Connections AvailableField details: Serial Port,USB Port,Ethernet
Communication ProtocolsField details: Other,SNMP (v1, 2 or 3),HTTP
Communication Protocol OtherField details: TCP/IP, UDP
Data Provided via Network CommunicationField details: Output Active Power,Output Voltage
Data Visually DisplayedField details: Output Active Power,Output Voltage
Output Energy Meter Integral or External to the UPSField details: No Energy Meter
Meets ENERGY STAR Optional Metering RequirementsField details: N/A
Manufacturer Take Back ProgramField details: Yes
Model Web Page URLField details:

Meets Efficiency Requirements Without the Metering Incentive Field details: N/A
Test Method GuidelinesField details: N/A
Date Available on MarketField details: 04/11/2012
Date QualifiedField details: 11/01/2012
MarketsField details: United States

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