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Rise - Rise F080 : F080-1S-LO-27-8-E2-S-X-A

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ENERGY STAR PartnerField details: EcoSense Lighting Co Ltd
Indoor/OutdoorField details: Indoor/Outdoor
Fixture TypeField details: Accent Light Line-voltage
TechnologyField details: LED
Total Light Output (lumens)Field details: 267
Appearance/Correlated Color Temperature (K)Field details: 2700K
Total Input Power (Watts)Field details: 3.91
Color Quality (CRI)Field details: 82
Energy Efficiency - Measured Outside the Fixture (lumens/Watt)Field details: 68.3
Power FactorField details: 0.94
Light Source Life (hrs)Field details: 54000
Special FeaturesField details: Continuously Dimmable
Light Source Connection/Base TypeField details: N/A
Date Available On MarketField details: 06/08/2017
Date CertifiedField details: 06/23/2017
MarketsField details: United States, Canada
ENERGY STAR CertifiedField details: Yes
ENERGY STAR Most Efficient: No

Additional Product Information

,F080-1S-LO-27-8-10-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-27-8-15-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-27-8-20-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-27-8-5-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-27-8-E1-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-30-8-10-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-30-8-15-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-30-8-20-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-30-8-5-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-30-8-E1-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-30-8-E2-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-35-8-10-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-35-8-15-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-35-8-20-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-35-8-5-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-35-8-E1-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-35-8-E2-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-40-8-10-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-40-8-15-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-40-8-20-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-40-8-5-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-40-8-E1-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-40-8-E2-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-50-8-10-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-50-8-15-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-50-8-20-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-50-8-5-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-50-8-E1-S-X-A,; ,F080-1S-LO-50-8-E2-S-X-A,

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