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ClipperCreek, Inc. - HCS-80

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ENERGY STAR PartnerField details: ClipperCreek, Inc.
Product TypeField details: Level 2
Max Nameplate Output Current (A)Field details: 64
Input Voltage (V)Field details: 240
Number of OutputsField details: 1
Maximum Output Cord Length (ft.)Field details: 25
Output Cord Gauge (AWG)Field details: 8
Automatic Brightness Control (ABC) Capable?Field details: No
Connected Functionality Capable?Field details: No
Network Protocol with Wake CapabilityField details: None
No Vehicle Mode Input Power (W)Field details: 2.09
No Vehicle Mode Total Allowance (W)Field details: 2.6
No Vehicle Mode Power FactorField details: 0.55
Partial On Mode Input Power (W)Field details: 2.21
Partial On Mode Requirement (W)Field details: 2.6
Partial On Mode Power FactorField details: 0.55
Idle Mode Input Power (W)Field details: 6.25
Idle Mode Requirement (W)Field details: 28.2
Idle Mode Power FactorField details: 0.45
Full Current Operation Mode Test: Total Loss (W)Field details: 230.52
30 A Operation Mode Test: Total Loss (W)Field details: 51.1
15 A Operation Mode Test: Total Loss (W)Field details: 17.44
4 A Operation Mode Test: Total Loss (W)Field details: 7.03
Date Available on MarketField details: 08/13/2019
Date QualifiedField details: 08/13/2019
MarketsField details: United States, Canada
ENERGY STAR CertifiedField details: Yes

Additional Product Information

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