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Smart Thermostats

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Ecobee - ecobee4 : EB-STATE4***-##Model Number Information

Specificationsdownload pdf open pdf

ENERGY STAR PartnerField details: ecobee, Inc.
Thermostat Brand OwnerField details: ecobee
Thermostat Brand NameField details: ecobee
Thermostat Model NameField details: ecobee4
Thermostat Model NumberField details: EB-STATE4***-##
Additional Thermostat Model NumbersField details: EB-STATE4-01, EB-STATE4P-01, EB-STATE4PC-01, EB-STATE4C-01, EB-STATE4PB-01, EB-STATE4R-01
Family IDField details: FAM_1075965_05082018180013_2414203
Standby Power (W)Field details: 1.19
Thermostat Heating and Cooling Control FeaturesField details: Time of Day Usage,Occupancy Sensor on Device,Additional Home Temperature Sensor,Humidity Sensing,Additional Occupancy Sensor
Thermostat Communication MethodField details: Wi-Fi,Other
Communication Method OtherField details: Chip Insert feature to allow for other Communication Methods
Demand Response SummaryField details: ENERGY STAR Program Requirements, Product Specification for CT Thermostat Products, V 1.0. Eligibility Criteria Demand Response Capabilities Summary description of the CT product’s and/or associated CT service provider’s DR capabilities/services shall be submitted. In this summary, EPA recommends noting the following, as applicable: ecobee Summary. Since 2008, ecobee has offered flexible demand response services solutions to various utilities across North America. Our thermostats are currently involved in more than 20 demand response programs across North America. ecobee thermostats are designed to respond to demand response signals, and our company provides head-end related demand response event execution services. These services allow utility customers to configure and tailor their event strategies as required, while also allowing them to alter their strategies for different groups of customers. In addition, we are integrated and work with various Demand Response Management Systems (DRMS) service provider platforms and/or software. Through these DRMS integrations, utility and other utility services companies can provide the seamless customer communication required for demand response and demand management. Our integration with various DRMS platforms, along with the data we collect, also facilitates locational demand response. All ecobee thermostats are Wi-Fi enabled for communication with ecobee web servers. Utility sector, implementer and DRMS company customers have three Wi-Fi-specific options available to them to issue demand response events to ecobee thermostats.
Date Available on MarketField details: 05/03/2017
Date CertifiedField details: 04/28/2017
MarketsField details: United States, Canada
ENERGY STAR CertifiedField details: Yes

Additional Product Information

,,ecobee4 Thermostat with Amazon Alexa Built-in; ,EB-STATE4-01,; ,EB-STATE4C-01,; ,EB-STATE4P-01,; ,EB-STATE4PB-01,; ,EB-STATE4PC-01,; ,EB-STATE4R-01,

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