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EcoFactor - simple S100

Specificationsdownload pdf open pdf

ENERGY STAR PartnerField details: EcoFactor, Inc.
Thermostat Brand OwnerField details: EcoFactor, Inc.
Thermostat Brand NameField details: EcoFactor
Thermostat Model NameField details: simple S100 B
Thermostat Model NumberField details: simple S100 B
Additional Thermostat Model NumbersField details: simple S100 W, simple S100-01, simple S100-02
Standby Power (W)Field details: 0.55
Thermostat Heating and Cooling Control FeaturesField details: External Temperature Detection
Thermostat Communication MethodField details: Wi-Fi
Demand Response SummaryField details: EcoFactor thermostats provide market-leading capabilities in deployments nationwide. Our thermostat has participated in demand management via load dispatch, as well as time-of-use pricing response. The S100 thermostat offers a robust set of RESTful APIs to partners, allowing for straight-forward integration. Available for partner use are both a “Thermostat API Specification” and “DR API Specification,” offering server-to-server communications specific to general thermostat control, and demand response control, respectively.EcoFactor supports locational DR, allowing users to create “groups” based on segmenting features. Zip code is the primary characteristic used for segmentation, but custom groups are also possible. As an OpenADR member, EcoFactor is committed to openness and interoperability.EcoFactor reports run-time and thermostat performance at minute intervals, allowing for detailed measurement and verification of performance, including measurement of overrides. EcoFactor also records the type of HVAC equipment controlled by thermostat and continuously measures and records indoor and set point temperatures. Thermostat customers receive detailed reporting on thermostat run- time and savings versus baseline.EcoFactor is a leader in creating smart optimization, allowing for users to receive both energy efficiency– resulting in 10-15 percent annual savings on HVAC use – as well as optimized demand management, which prioritizes comfort through approaches such as pre-cooling and in-event cycling. Events can be configured by DR program managers including timing, duration, degree of cycling/offset, load shaping, and grouping. The S100 is largely compliant with 2016 CEC Title 24, Part 6 Joint Appendix 5, with the exception that the S100 does not have a physical expansion port.
Date Available on MarketField details: 01/01/2016
Date CertifiedField details: 04/26/2017
MarketsField details: United States, Canada
ENERGY STAR CertifiedField details: Yes

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