Calling All ENERGY STAR® Lighting Partners: Join the Light the Moment with ENERGY STAR Campaign

On ENERGY STAR Day 2016, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a national call-to-action for Americans to change out 300 million inefficient light bulbs with ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs. To support this call-to-action, EPA is launching a year-long effort to educate people about the benefits of ENERGY STAR certified lighting. The “Light the Moment with ENERGY STAR” campaign will leverage traditional and social media, along with retail merchandizing and promotion, to highlight the affordability, the quality and the broad selection of LED bulbs and fixtures that have earned the ENERGY STAR.

EPA is pleased to announce that Walmart has joined as a flagship partner in the Light the Moment with ENERGY STAR campaign. Making a significant commitment to selling ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs in all of its stores, Walmart is working to make high quality, affordable LED bulbs available to everyone.

The goal of the Light the Moment campaign is to drive sales and adoption of energy-efficient, ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs with a clear and simple call-to-action for consumers and with meaningful engagement opportunities for retailers, manufacturers and energy efficiency program sponsors. The focus will be on the emotional and rational aspects of lighting to capture consumer interest, attention, and imagination. Campaign materials will address product benefits while resonating on an emotional level: 

  • Quality: Whatever the moment, there’s an ENERGY STAR LED light perfect for maximizing the impact
  • Light Distribution: ENERGY STAR LED bulbs light the small, intimate moments AND the big, busy ones
  • Long Life: Lasting over 12 years, this light will be there for all the moments it witnesses

Key elements of the campaign include:

  • Building awareness through earned media, digital advertising, outreach to key influencers and a public service ad
  • Creating consumer engagement through social media and online educational tools
  • Driving audiences to for more information and to spotlight partner activities

The impacts of changing out 300 million bulbs to ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs are significant. Americans will save about $1.5 billion dollars in annual energy bills, and we will prevent 17 billion pounds of annual greenhouse gas emissions. Please join us.

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