Requirements & Resources for HVAC Designers

For a home or apartment to be ENERGY STAR certified, several key design tasks must be completed by an HVAC designer, including designing a whole-house ventilation system, calculating room-by-room heating and cooling loads, selecting heating and cooling equipment using those loads, and designing a duct system for the selected equipment. To view these requirements, which are contained in the HVAC Design Report, visit the ENERGY STAR Residential New Construction Program Requirements page and click on the Single-Family tab for single-family homes or the Multifamily tab for multifamily buildings.  Visit the ENERGY STAR Residential New Construction Policy Record page to learn more about recent program changes. The resources below will help you complete these tasks.


HVAC and ENERGY STAR Certified Homes

HVAC and ENERGY STAR Certified Homes (PPT, 16MB, 6min.)

This short recorded presentation was created for HVAC contractors and explains how to become credentialed to work with ENERGY STAR. The presentation also explains how HVAC design, installation and performance are incorporated into the ENERGY STAR program.

HVAC Grouping Assistant (EXCEL, 119KB)

The system design as documented on the HVAC Design Report must fall within certain tolerances for the home to be certified, as defined in Footnote 2 of the HVAC Design Report. This free optional Excel-based assistant helps designers to create groups of options and elevations that meet these tolerances.

Design Temperature Limits

To meet the requirements of the program, the outdoor design temperatures used in load calculations must not exceed specified limits. Follow this link to learn more and obtain these temperature limits.

HVAC Design Report Supplement (PDF, 102 KB)

The ENERGY STAR Version 3 / 3.1 HVAC Design Report allows designers to provide supplemental documentation with room-by-room and total design airflows in lieu of completing Item 5.5. This supplemental document is permitted, but not required, to be used to document such designs.