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Credentials are offered by independent, third-party oversight organizations whose programs have been recognized by EPA. Click on a recognized program to search their credentialed contractors:

National Credentialing Programs


Don't See Your Contractor?

Builders and home energy raters should encourage their HVAC contractors to become credentialed. Use these resources to explain the opportunity and how to get started:

Tips for Engaging Contractors

  • Take charge. At this point, many HVAC contractors have heard about credentialing through the grapevine. Don't let your contractor make a decision based on inaccurate information. If you haven't spoken with your contractor about the value of becoming credentialed to work on ENERGY STAR certified homes, use EPA's HVAC contractor recruitment tools to do it now.
  • Explain the opportunity. This is an investment for contractors, so explain it that way. Credentialed contractors will gain access to ENERGY STAR builder partners and earn a powerful marketing tool that can help them grow their sales and reduce callbacks. Explain your own commitment to ENERGY STAR and your hope to work with them as a credentialed contractor.
  • Be ready for follow-up. Most contractors will need some additional information or may have some specific technical needs. Try to connect them with resources such as those provided at and contact if you need help.
  • Promote your allies. HVAC contractors who are committed to being market leaders are some of your best allies. Invite them to speak alongside you for local building and real estate trade groups, ask them present or exhibit with you at home shows, or ask them to train your sales staff on selling the benefits of high-quality HVAC systems.

Additional Tips for Home Energy Raters

  • Work with your builders. Before starting, be sure to ask your builders whether they would like you to speak directly to their HVAC contractor and, if so, whether or not they would like to be a part of the discussion.
  • Pick the right venue. The best discussions are educational and supportive, not confrontational or demanding. Addressing a group of HVAC contractors through a local trade association or equipment distributor is often the most effective way to introduce the topic. Use the EPA's presentation and speaker notes to explain the opportunity.
  • Respect the expert. If you don't have a relationship with the contractor, understand that you could be viewed as a threat to their credibility. Work to earn their respect with your knowledge of ENERGY STAR and willingness to help them make this work. Be clear that this program is based on above-code best practices, so you're not suggesting that they're doing anything wrong, you're explaining a program to help them excel.

Ideas for Program Sponsors

  • Pass it on. The quickest and easiest step is to send the HVAC contractor recruitment toolkit to your program partners and encourage them to act now. EPA has sent these resources to all builder and home energy rater partners, but hearing directly from program sponsors is often highly motivating.
  • Engage contractors directly. The single most effective action that sponsors can take is to speak with HVAC contractors directly. Local trade association chapters and distributors have been powerful allies for many sponsors. Contact organizations in your area and offer to educate their contractors on ENERGY STAR's HVAC credentialing requirement. Use the toolkit materials to explain the opportunity that it presents and to give them leave-behind instructions.
  • Ask for help. If you want to do something but need some support, contact